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Vegas Haul (+ First Impressions)

We’re in Las Vegas this week and I’ve done a little shopping while we’ve been here.  I told the rep at Sephora yesterday that I was paying with my poker money because I’d rather use it on makeup than risk it at the tables.  But then I ended up at the tables and won over

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Guest Room Update: We Finally Used Sea Salt Paint!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted the progress happening at the Denver house. We’ve already been here 10 months–I can hardly believe it! After about six months of not much progress, we figured it was about time we started making some decisions and updates to the space. Getting a fresh coat of paint on

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Cover Under Eye Circles in 3 Simple Steps: The Video!

I’m back for the “Vids” part of the Friday Pics and Vids!  Check out this short video where I show you how I use the products from this post to cover my very dark purple under eye circles. BONUS POINTS if you can spot my jewelry malfunction….D’Oh!!  (This was the third video I filmed and

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Friday Pics and Vids: Week 35 | 52 Week Photo Project

I’m still not loving the name of this Friday video and picture of the week, but it’s what we have right now!  We’re all just going to have to deal with it. Haha! Onward: we’ve made some major updates to our guest bedroom that I can’t wait to share with you (full before and after

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Should You be Using a Makeup Primer?

Let’s talk about primers.  I’ve sporadically used some in the past (mainly samples received), but have generally never felt like I needed a primer.  But now I think I’m missing the boat on this one and you could be too! I’ve been noticing lately that my skin is looking extra shiny/oily by the middle of the

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Flare Jeans Are Back! HALLELUJAH

Flare jeans are better than skinny jeans.  There.  I said it.  Sue me.  They are also better than boyfriend jeans.  (Ugh.  Who decided that boyfriend jeans were the best thing ever?  They are so sloppy, slouchy and unflattering.)  Sure they’re comfortable, but so is a sleek pair of leggings and a tunic.  Who’s with me?

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Looking for a New Blog Designer?

If you’ve been here before you probably noticed that the blog looks a little different.  A little.  I decided to move the blog over from Blogger to a self-hosted site.  I was also feeling like a blog refresh, so I enlisted the help of a professional who could help me with both. I loved

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Georgetown Loop Railroad | Friday Pics and Vids

I’m already posting my 52 Week Photo Challenge pictures on Fridays, so I thought why not spice up Friday and make it a regular theme:  “Friday Pics and Vids”? Hmm.  I might need to work on the title. True to the theme of this blog, it’ll be a mix of a lot of things: makeup

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Weeks 30-33 || 52 Week Photo Project

When I stepped away from the blog this summer, I left behind my 52-week photo project.  I’m sure I have photos from each of those weeks.  Maybe someday I’ll go back and dig around for pics to fill in the gap.  Maybe. I was able to quickly grab some for the past four weeks, so

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Help for Dark Under Eye Circles (Plus a Bobbi Brown Dupe!)

This post is for all the dark purple-y/blue under eye circle sufferers out there!  You don’t have to look like you have a black eye (I’d been asked on three separate occasions if I had a black eye before discovering the magical products below!).  High and low-end makeup companies are offering a solution to this