Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Self Improvement: Blog Style

I'm pretty serious about creating an online writing portfolio, so I've been investing in some courses to help make this blog the best I can make it.  On Sunday, I took an in-person photography class here in northern Virginia.  Momtographie was created by Beryl Ayn Young to teach other mothers how to capture incredible pictures of their children and lives--by getting out of automatic mode.

The class was four hours long and I left there feeling like a whole new world had opened up for me.  She had me already changing settings based on my environment/lighting and getting better shots.  It was liberating!  She also has a six-week long online course that I've heard really good things about.  (I'm taking a free one week mini-class right now to see how I like the online format.  So far so good!)

I'm also right in the middle of a month long class called Blogging Your Way by Holly Becker from decor8.  This class has been incredible!  I've been able to receive constructive criticism about my blog, as well as listen to amazing lessons on post ideas, photography tips and how to stay current.  I partnered with a lovely woman named, Maureen, who writes a lifestyle blog called Blue Mopheads based on a flower shop she used to own.  It has been invaluable to have another blogger provide constructive feedback in this closed, 'safe' environment. 

With her feedback and the course material, I've had the opportunity to really consider what I want to write about and have narrowed that down quite a bit.  I'm still writing a little about a lot, but it's a bit more focused (and 100% what I'm inspired to write about-which is key).  I've made many changes in the last two weeks and I'm looking forward to making more. 

For weeks I have been looking forward to these courses and the knowledge I'm taking away is priceless.  If you've been thinking about taking a class--in person, or online--GO FOR IT!  It'll get you out of your comfort zone and you'll feel so good about doing something for yourself.  I highly recommend it.