Monday, August 18, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

Hello friends :)  It's been a while since I've written a post.  I started this entry last Tuesday, but things have gotten out of whack.  Not a lot going on over here.  Oh yeah, I turned 40 and we're MOVING TO DENVER!  Yes.  I've lived in Virginia nearly all my life and in a month (or two?) we will pack up our little family and move across the country to Colorado.  I'm full of different emotions, but mostly we're excited to have this adventure.  I haven't even had time to contemplate the big 4-0.  Not that I was dreading it, anyway.  I still feel 15 inside :)

Things are moving quickly--appointments with our realtor, move estimators and handymen have kept us rolling.  Plus, the realtor gave us a long list of to-dos to complete before we list the house next week.  (My blue dining room has to!)

There's so much to say, but I have a bathroom floor to bleach and pictures to hang.  (Staging is the best part of this process, so far.  Any excuse to shop and rearrange furniture!)  Here are some pictures from our trip two weeks ago for Joe's final interviews.  Yep, I got to tag along for a mini vacation!  We spent seven hours in the car once we landed doing "drive-bys" of properties in various neighborhoods that we had "favorited" in Zillow.  It was eye opening to see the terrain and different neighborhoods..we also met with a realtor and spent many hours actually walking through houses to see if we found "the one".  Luckily, we didn't since we still have to sell our house here in Virginia.

We stopped for lunch at this awesome Mexican restaurant in Highlands Ranch:

The carnitas were to die for...tender, yet crispy...they melted in my mouth.  So good!!

We stayed at The Brown Palace hotel in downtown Denver (very near Joe's new office).

It was a gorgeous room!  (Naturally, I didn't think to take a picture.) The bathroom was a truly felt like a vacation (despite his final interviews and house hunting!).

One of the mornings I had all to myself to explore the city and I ended up at the 16th Street Mall.  If you haven't been there, it's a mile long city street of shops, restaurants and businesses that is closed to cars.  They have electric buses that stop on every corner and are completely free!  It was a very cool spot.

Denver had a bit of an Austin feel to it to me.  This billboard stopped me in my tracks because it just seemed so straight out of Portland or Austin:

And we literally turned the corner and there was a guy washing the sidewalk with his hose!  We were cracking up while Joe tried to sneak a picture on his phone.

Anyways, I'm sure Joe and I each gained 5 pounds from all the good eats we had. The first night was dinner at Stuebens (a Diners Drive Ins and Dives recommendation) and another night was at a place named Old Major, a farm to table restaurant that was laid back upscale.  And while there are plenty of independent restaurants and breakfast spots, we found ourselves at Sams No. 3 every morning.  It was breakfast with a tex-mex mix done perfectly.  Why shop around when you KNOW a place is going to deliver?

Hopefully regular posts will start back up next week.  The photographer is scheduled for this Wednesday so we can list the house.  Fingers crossed that it goes quickly, but the market around here is (surprisingly) stagnant.  I'll be sure to post some pictures of the big changes we made!

Any Denver residents out there?  I'd love to hear what you think of it :)